Customer Service (Public Sector and Internal Colleagues)

Customer Service is also your ability to consistently give your colleagues what they want and need to do their jobs well and ultimately serve the public. This can be a most enjoyable or a draining experience. Learn what helps us give our very best and maintain our sanity.


  • Review your organization’s reasons and benefits for providing excellent internal customer service
  • Analyze your internal customers and their needs to determine how your work impacts them and the public
  • Assess the competencies for providing excellent customer service
  • Practice effective communication
  • Identify and work effectively with difficult customers
  • Determine ways to recover when things go wrong
  • Understand 7 practical steps to reduce blame

Group discussion, application to participants’ work groups and in-class practice are supported with Powerpoint slides and re-useable materials for participants.


“Very good group rapport” — workshop participant

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