Career Management: Interviewing Skills from Both Sides of the Desk

Part 1 - Candidate Preparation

You’ve found a job you’d like, or maybe are in the throws of a re-organization. The job interview is your chance to talk about why you are the best person for that position. Yet many of us feel uncomfortable talking about ourselves. Or we talk about the wrong things. This workshop will help you prepare to present yourself in the best possible way.


  • Understand the various interview styles and why they are used
  • Prepare your unique answers to frequently asked questions
  • Identify five things you need to know by the end of the interview
  • Responding to the ‘tough” questions
  • When and how to negotiate the compensation package

Part 2 – Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers

You need to fill a position and want to do it quickly and with the best person you can find. Your HR person can be very helpful, but the decision is ultimately yours. But interviewing is not something you do everyday. This workshop will help you prepare to find out which candidate is a good fit for your group.


  • Determine the best interview style for this position
  • Develop your agenda for the interview
  • Ensure you are interviewing each candidate fairly
  • Create questions that elicit work experience and work style information
  • Identify what should and should not be discussed in the interview

LENGTH: one day

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