Leveraging Resistance – Leading Change

As our world of work changes, we face many leadership challenges, - one of them is to get others “on board” or “to be flexible.” Is your staff digging in their heels? Do you need to be able to show the benefits of the change? Or maybe things have been going along as planned and numerous little things threaten to de-rail it. Resistance is feedback and feedback is a resource. We will explore the types of resistance and what you can do to leverage this overlooked resource. You will learn how to understand, recognize and manage resistance to be a more effective leader.


  • Recognize the types of resistance we all have
  • Describe the sources of resistance
  • Identify the behaviors that can help or hinder the change
  • Learn 5 steps to leverage resistance

Group discussion, application to participants’ work groups and in-class practice are supported with Powerpoint slides and re-useable materials for participants.

LENGTH: 4 hours

"Very well versed, very knowledgeable and professional. Well able to provide information and involve the entire class. Enthusiastic and sincere. Did not allow any of us to withdraw or dominate.” — Federal Training Manager

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