Retention and Key Talent Management for Organizations

Retention is a key business strategy as our demographics shift toward more older workers and fewer skilled workers enter the workforce. Organizations can choose from a variety of elements to form an integrated and comprehensive retention system throughout the employee life-cycle – beginning with recruitment and continuing into retirement. Yet the best leaders understand that retaining their key people rests with them. We will explore the research and best practices from hundreds of organizations and create an action plan that you can put to use today for both yourself and for your employees.


  • Identify the benefits and develop the business case for retention in your organization
  • Define key talent, retention objectives and engaging employees
  • Review and discuss the individual and mutual roles of the employee and his/her supervisor
  • Recognize strategies and ways to address challenges of development
  • Develop action steps to enhance retention of your key talent

Group discussion, assessment activities, application to participants’ work groups and in-class practice are supported with PowerPoint slides and re-useable materials for participants.

LENGTH: 4 hours

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